10 Reasons to Prove Age Gap Dating is Awesome

younger women

Gone are the days when age was a huge factor in determining your life partner or the person you date. In today’s world, the point is ‘age no bar’! There are so many such instances where you see older women looking for younger men and older men looking for younger women. From the likes of Edith Piaf, Elizabeth Taylor to Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Lopez and Courtney Cox!  People do not mind dating with an age difference. After all, why should they? Age is just a number! It all depends on the sync of likeminded people who decide to be together. Which twenty something girl doesn’t want a George Clooney after all?

-“I’d do it again? Definitely, no question. Oh yeah, and once you’ve done it, you definitely look at older women in another way, says 33 year old Nick who is more attracted to woman above 40.

But have you wondered why this sudden surge of dating with an age difference? Yes this is awesome and we will tell you why!

  • Maturity: The maturity that you get when you are with an older person cannot be described in a few words. This is especially true when older women date younger men because women are said to be more matured than men at the same age! This maturity brings a certain amount of comfort that is very essential in any relationship! This means you not only have fun and live in amusement but have a lot of seriousness in the whole relationship.
  • Charm: There is a certain charm in dating an older man. Every girl wants a partner in her life like her father. Be it taking him to her friends or family, an older man is charming. This is much like the story of Richard from the popular sitcom Friends where he dated the twenty- something year old Monica Geller! How we all drooled at the charming moustache of the 58 year old!
  • Family: If you are looking to settle down and have a family, an older partner will be the best option here. He or she will be more likely to get married and start a family together. Who knows the age difference will never be an issue in your marital life together. He or she is settled in life and you will be the only important thing happening at present.
  • Experience: Can you imagine how much of the world your partner might have seen before you met him or her? This brings in experience. Be it experience in personal or professional life or the social life in general. He is full of knowledge and will give you important lessons in every step of life! You can travel the world with him or her and enjoy the relationship together!
  • Stability and protection: Older men will bring a certain protection in the relationship. It is true that men like to pamper their women and always are protective of them. This characteristic gets further enhanced when there is a significant age difference between the two of you. This is the same case for an older woman. It is difficult to imagine the protectiveness and stability an older woman can impart to the relationship.
  • Chivalry: This is something every woman is fond of, no matter how successful she is and how independent she is. Chivalry is what gives them the goose bumps. A matured age heightens the whole concept of chivalry. He stands up every time you enter a room, holds the door open for you and the likes. This is indeed a very exciting trait to have.
  • Security: Be it an older woman or an older man, he or she is done playing the field. You will not have fears or insecurities in your relationship. He or she is secure with you and so are you with your partner. He can go out with his friends or yours and there will be nothing bothering you about the whole thing! The same goes for older women.
  • Adventure: You have had a series of relationships which were exciting in the beginning but eventually the spark faded out. You want to get rid of that mundane tone in your life and have some fun! Can you imagine the whole adventure of dating someone much older than you? It’s an adventure, it’s a challenge! You get to have a view of life from a whole different perspective. Life is different from another age group and you get to experience that!
  • Fun: Mature women looking for younger men have a reason to do this. They know how much fun it is to be in the company of someone senior. The same is the case of older men looking for younger women. He is smart, intelligent, charming and man does he know the tricks in bed! Because of all the maturity that exists in the relationship, you will be done with the mundane life you had been living. Go travelling; try out new things and what not, all in this relationship!
  • Celebrities: To prove how awesome it is to date someone who is older than you, you have a line of celebrities flaunting this activity! Remember Katie Holmes’ marriage with Tom Cruise? Or that of Shania Twain and Robert Lange! Celebrities and motion pictures have glorified the concept of dating with an age difference. Age is no more an issue and it shouldn’t be!

There is no doubt that dating with an age difference is an exciting idea now. More and more people are taking up to it and why not! Age is hardly an issue. What matters in a relationship is the love and emotions that are prevalent. It is not necessarily true that you can find love only with someone your age. It might be the swooning looks or the chivalry, the maturity and stability or even just the adventure and rush of it all!

-“Just the fact that there’s so much to learn from an older woman, that they have so many more life experiences to draw upon, is an adventure to me. It’s like a rush“, as reported by Vincent- 33 years of age. Related reading


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