Why men over 50 are only into younger women?

This question is asked a lot to those dating over 50.  Why would men who are over 50 be into younger women?  They aren’t near their age level or experience level.  That is actually the biggest reason why men over 50 are only into younger women.  There are many reasons though that a man dating over 50 would want to date younger women.

Younger women are often considered more beautiful.  Smoother skin, younger bodies, and the other benefits of being a young women are found as attractive by older men.  Whether this is true or not, this is a generalization that has taken over male society.  This generalization makes younger women very popular among older men.

Another benefit of being a younger woman is that you have an energy level that many older people, both men and women, don’t have any more.  You have the peppy attitude and behavior that is capable of keeping you going all day, and through the night.  Older men like this in women because it reminds them of what they used to have and help give them the energy that they need to keep going like the used to.

Younger women haven’t been thrown down by life and still have much of the vitality that older people tend to lack.  Though this is changing more and more often than not it still tends to be a general rule of thumb.  When you look younger you will find happier people to date.

Men want to be teachers and instill the knowledge that they have built up over their life.  This is another reason why older men like to date younger women.  Younger women are still in a learning phase of their life and older men get to be part of that learning.  They get to offer advice and experience that they have built up over the years.  This makes the older men feel like they are able to pass on what they have learned and feel good about themselves.

Younger women have yet to set their life in stone.  They are still looking for jobs and going through higher level education.  Often they haven’t even figured out what they want to do with their life.  This makes it a lot easier for an older man to impress a younger woman.  An older woman typically has or has had a job and knows what she wants with the rest of her life making it a lot harder to leave that impression.

Some men have never had kids until they get older.  When dating over 50 it is quite often that women don’t want to have kids.  If an older man looks for a younger women it would be substantially more possible for him to find someone who also wants to have kids.  Plus younger women are more capable in assisting in the childcare needs than older women are due to the increased level of energy and the younger physique.

Some older men are looking to date younger women because they had a bad experience with an ex who was around their own age.  When you have a bad experience with an ex you will often not want to date someone who is similar and go searching for someone who is the opposite, this makes dating a younger women an obvious choice.

Before dating a younger woman became more generally accepted the craving to date a younger woman was blamed on having a mid-life crisis.  During a mid-life crisis people want to redefine themselves and often times they want to play at being younger than they are.  While this may be the case for some men wanting to date younger women it is not always the case and not even mostly for that matter.

Overall dating a younger woman gives an older man an ego boost and makes them feel younger.  Younger women seeking older men happens more than people think.  Younger women benefit from the relationships just as much as men do.  A relationship such as this is suitable to both parties and are becoming more common and less shunned than they used to be.  Older men dating younger women is now more generally accepted by society making easier for men who want to date younger.


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